Workplace Meditation Benefits - 10 Mins to Power Team

Self-Preservation should be our integral objective in every day life

It must sound self-centric to many and specially when you imagine someone in the middle of a heated argument or decision making can interrupt the interaction by going to a quiet corner and meditate. Yet it is extremely powerful.

In Hindu mythology, Lord Krishna says "For one who has conquered his mind, a mind is best of friends, but for one who has failed to do so, a mind is the greatest enemy." See if you can get your hands on Bhagwat Gita or atleast I am Krishna as it may give you more strength.

Workplace whether you work with a start up or a corporation, it can get stressful, emotionally turbulent and physically exhausting. First step is Notice such state of Being.

Workplace meditation Techniques

Take a break for 5 mins and just sit at a quiet space. If you are unable to get a quiet space then just put on your earphones and listen to a Guided Meditation. Remember Self Preservation is integral. Nothing and no ones is bigger than yourself so be humble to all as they may not understand the same. You just step out of this frame of agitation and take 5 mins to go through a Guided Meditation to ground yourself, remind yourself of the purpose, focus on the present and with the new state of empathy return to the task at hand.

Studies have shown when you return from this short meditation to the work environment ,your attitude towards handling the people, task, decision and collective emotion would be at much powerful. You will be the medium to success as the decision made by you now will be from a logical ground and least from a emotional state of being.

 How to make Workplace Meditation and Wellbeing Work?

Courage : Have the courage to request for a 5 minutes break to meditate. Your team might  find this obnoxious but with time your work and attitude will change their belief. 

HR : Request your HR to organise a Meditation place in your office. We are sure this will make you a rock star initiator. Read up more articles in the likes of the embedded link to do the research for your HR and convince the company to create a dedicated space.

Earphones : If you dont have a space to meditate then just excuse yourself from the team or water counter gossip and tell them it is your spiritual need. Specially in India, no one messes with spirituality. Now sit down and listen to a Guided Meditation.

Empathy : If people dont understand you it is also because they are yet to understand themselves. So have empathy, patience as you are where you exactly are meant to be. If you have to grow, you must break patterns and attitude. Remember with empathy you will accept yourself and your workplace better. 

Mindfullness meditaiton and stress combating practices will raise your productivity, cognitive ability, emotional state and physical appearance. Do not believe us, try it for 20 days and let us know.