Workout On The Go

Workout from your hotel room

Travelling is an inevitable part of our lives. With globalization, the world works in a cohesive manner with interconnected spirals in every walk of life. As much as we love the comfort of our homes, we cannot always manage to avoid traveling. Although there are other wanderlusts who love to travel, this blog post is for all of those who manage to find themselves constantly away from their home and need some motivation to keep in shape.

Staying in shape is a full-time job. One cannot manage to skip their regular routines and expect to stay at peak shape. We all have that inner voice in us that screams and advice, “it is fine, I’ll get back to it once I am back from my vacation” or “this is a strenuous work trip, how can I possibly workout?”. However, working out is quite simple when you are on the move. You do not need a gym to get your routine in. All you need is your own body weight and you can crank out a workout in less than 15 minutes that will not only get your heart rate up but will make you feel toned and strong.

Workout: HIIT (13-15 minutes – 189-290 calories roughly)

This routine is highly effective because it is quick, simple and burns lots of calories.

Equipment Required: 1 stopwatch or you can use your mobile device with a timer

  • Exercise 1: 45-60 seconds, Jumping Jacks 
  • Exercise 2: 45-60 seconds, Standing Criss Cross Crunches 
  • Rest: 30 seconds
  • Exercise 3: 45-60 seconds, High Knees
  • Exercise 4: 45-60 seconds, Squat Jumps
  • Rest: 30 seconds
  • Exercise 5: 45-60 seconds, Karate Kicks
  • Exercise 6: 45-60 seconds, Jumping Lunges
  • Rest: 30 seconds
  • Exercise 7: 45-60 seconds, Burpees
  • Exercise 8: 45-60 seconds, Push-Ups
  • Rest: 30 seconds
  • Exercise 9: 45-60 seconds, Crunches
  • Exercise 10: 45-60 seconds, Leg Raises
  • Rest: 30 seconds
  • Exercise 11: 45-60 seconds, Duck Walk or Skipping on the Spot if less space
  • Exercise 12: 45-60 seconds, Leg Ups on Bed or Chair
  • Rest: 30 seconds

Apart from the above workout there are several great links that you can access, from the links below, which we love. Our favorite channel and inspiration are from the below videos and can really help you accelerate your growth once you implement them in your regular workout.

Get Ripped from Home - HIIT Workout (No Equipment Needed)

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Stretching and rest are critical in order to maintain longevity in your body. One cannot attain their body composition by continually being injured or under muscular stress. Using products like a foam roller can drastically reduce your chances of injuries and maintain the elasticity in your joints and muscles. It is important to regularly use the foam roller and perform good stretches post your workouts to avoid long term wear and tear and chronic pains. Click here if you want to know a purchase a good foam roller for beginners and here if you want something more advanced. 


Workout only comprises 20% of your body shape composition. There is not much help with a good workout if it cannot be followed up with great diet. You cannot outwork a bad diet. This is the simple truth of life. Therefore, it is important that proper aftercare is given to the body to maintain the calorie requirements along with nutritional requirements. There are a few great products that we have to offer that can accelerate muscle recovery post workout and increase your muscle growth.

Nude whey protein is a great option for a post workout and it is available in both vanilla and chocolate. If you like just a snack and not a shake then you can try our espresso protein bar or the different whey protein bar or the triple protein bar. If you are vegan then you can try our range of pea protein. We even have a travel pack of whey protein which is fantastic in taste and easy to use. All of the products are ideal post-workout fuel to help recover faster & replenish your body with essential nutrients. Just mix a sachet or scoop in water, or a smoothie and drink for that instant boost of energy and training recovery.

If smoothies and bars are not your cup of tea then you can try from our range of high protein spreads. We have both peanut and almond butter in both crunchy and creamy form. You can even mix it up by adding your favorite breads or crackers to the dip to give that perfect pairing.


It is important to understand that even though we may want to nourish our body the right way, not every form of protein is good protein. There are proteins which come with added caloric and fat value such as pork or beef. These have noticeably higher fat content as compared with salmon, turkey or chicken. These can disrupt your fitness goals. Looking at lean forms of protein for cutting and high fat content for bulking is critical in order to align your diet with your goal.


The same goes for greens. It is vital to consume various types and varieties of vegetables because they have vitamins that can help the body receive the nutrition that it requires. Good fats can come from vegetables like avocado. Good vitamins and protein can come from leaves like kale, lettuce, spinach and others. However, vegetables such as sweet potato should not be consumed daily as they are high in calories and sugar. Hence a good balance is always the key to good nutrition.

Fruits are similar in principal as well. Berries, stone fruits, kiwi and watermelon are great in caloric values as compared to fruits like litchi, pomegranates and mango. However, all the fruits are required to be consumed as they each offer different kinds of vitamins that are essential for our bodies.


Nutrition is a great way to get your body and track. A good workout can take you a long way while you are traveling and can help you feel refreshed and at ease with your schedule. However, it has to be followed up with good post workout care and diet. This can make or break your target weight and body goals. There are several good meats, fruits, vegetables that can help you and several others that can harm you. We have some great options for protein and on the go snacks and spreads to chose from that can help you reach you short and long term goals.