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Welcome to Holistic Wellness. This is your brand to live a Healthy life in Ease and make Smart choices to save money and our planet. 

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We bring you clean eating to promote Organic, Preservative Free and Nutrition to your Diet. Join our Membership to experience Holistic Wellness and we offer you all this by being Kind to our Planet.


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India is a blend of old traditions and modern technology. We carefully associate oursleves with the leading Wellness practicioners and brands who we trust with your well being. Ayurveda to modern science, join us to embark this journey of Holistic Wellbeing and explore all things leading to mindful living.

We tie-up with the best of suppliers across India and the world in order to curate the most unique, affordable and customized boxes which are only meant for YOU. 

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Free Holisitic Wellness Routine

We provide a customized wellness regime which suits your lifestyle and preference. The regime includes tips & tricks to adopt from Nutrition, SkinCare, Workout regime to socializing and Sleep patterns.

Tell us about you and we will send you a personalized routine to recharge your soul, body and mind. We are here for you.

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Register for membership that aims to ease your hassle to stay at the top of your game. This gives you access to the best wellness brands, Spas, Gyms, classes, Therapists and experts. We will do the heavy lifting and identify the best professionals to curate a wellness program for you.

Work out anytime, anywhere with VCircle Membership.

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